de Carbuccia

Anne de Carbuccia is a French-American environmental artist, who lives between Milan and New York. 

After her studies in Anthropology and Art History at Columbia University she traveled for years to the most extreme places on Earth creating and photographing temporary installations (TimeShrines) that document and preserve the memory of endangered places, animals and cultures . 

She established the TimeShrine Foundation and the project One Planet One Future, which uses the artistic photographs taken by Anne on her expeditions to raise awareness on human-caused threats to the environment and the planet and to promote sustainable behaviours and life styles. 

Her images have been exhibited in museums and public institutions in Europe and America and are part of several private collections.

One is a circle. the eternal circle, the life cycle, the zero, emptiness, wholeness, fullness, and renewal. The circle also suggests a ripple, the consequences of action. You toss a bottle on one continent and you find it on a wild beach across the world. It gets eaten by a fish and the fish ends up on your plate. The world has never been so small. never have we been so powerful. We are the circle, sharing one planet one future.

“I wish to illuminate the damage, the breakage, the fragmentation. Somehow, if I can make it beautiful I can make it one again.”


Anne de Carbuccia strongly believes in the importance of education and with One Planet One Future she is dedicated to building awareness within schools and communities to adopt more sustainable lifestyles.

Kilimangiaro - RAI 3
Ellevate Network
One Ocean Forum
Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Ventura Lambrate - Milan Exhibition
United Nations Headquarters - NYC
Musée Oceanographique de Monaco