de Carbuccia

Anne de Carbuccia is a French-American environmental artist, who travels to some of the world’s most remote locations to document and preserve the memory of endangered environments, animals and cultures. Anne studied anthropology and art history at Columbia University, which led her to develop an interest in the idea of the Anthropocene in which the human influence on the planet is so profound. She established One Planet One Future to raise awareness on climate breakdown and human-caused threats to the environment through her installations called TimeShrines.

Anne hopes her art will engage diverse generations of people from around the world and promote sustainable behaviors. Her images have been exhibited in museums and public institutions throughout Europe and the United States including the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Musée Oceanographique de Monaco, Westbeth Foundation for the Arts in New York and at Castel dell’Ovo in Naples, Italy. Anne’s work is also part of several private collections internationally. Her debut short film, One Ocean, was presented at the 75thVenice International Film Festival. Anne continues to explore the medium of film, in addition to her photography, street art, writing and sculptures to communicate her stories and move people to change their behaviors that are contributing to the climate crisis and environmental degradation.

One is a circle. the eternal circle, the life cycle, the zero, emptiness, wholeness, fullness, and renewal. The circle also suggests a ripple, the consequences of action. You toss a bottle on one continent and you find it on a wild beach across the world. It gets eaten by a fish and the fish ends up on your plate. The world has never been so small. never have we been so powerful. We are the circle, sharing one planet one future.

Some of Anne's interventions

United Nations
Kilimangiaro - RAI 3
Ellevate Network
Musée Oceanographique de Monaco