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We collaborate with educational institutions, organizations and groups of all levels to spread our message of environmental preservation and promote sustainable lifestyles. One Planet One Future offers free guided visits, seminars, and events. a member of our team accompanies the students in a learning experience on the story of each image and on its message.

One Planet One Future harnesses the universal language of art to raise awareness on the dangers we are facing, and to invite us to change our behaviors that contribute to the current environmental crisis. 

Anne de Carbuccia’s photographs are taken on location, and are both an homage to their subjects and a hard examination of the ruinous effects of climate change. 

They record what is fast disappearing for future generations while serving as a plea to reimagine a new world.

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One Planet One Future publishes straightforward briefings on climate change, conservation, and sustainability stories affecting the planet today. Stories are contributed by our peers and collaborators around the world for a first-person glimpse of how our planet is changing. 

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