One Planet One Future

One Planet One Future harnesses the universal language of art to raise awareness and inspire individual action. The founder and environmental artist, Anne de Carbuccia, aims to draw attention to the human-caused threats to the planet and the environmental crisis. Her art includes photographs, installations and film and her intent is to engage people from diverse geographies, generations, backgrounds and cultures, to change their behaviors and habits.

Anne’s photographs are taken on location and are both an homage to their subjects - water, disappearing environments, endangered species - and an examination of the ruinous effects of climate breakdown. Her art tells the story of “what we have, what we may lose and what we have already lost”. Her message also serves as a plea to reimagine the world and to bridge the disconnection for the next generation.

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In every photograph Anne stages a symbolic installation called a TimeShrine to honor and capture the vanishing beauty of the planet. Anne always carries two objects on location that are essential to her TimeShrines; an hourglass, which is the most ancient way of calculating time and a symbol of fleeting existence, as well as a skull (or vanity as it used to be called). The skull is a mystical object which reminds us that as mortals, we have choices to make. We can choose between a constructive and positive life, or a superficial, vain life; hence the symbolism of the vanity. Anne creates these unique shrines with her hourglass and vanity to ensure we understand the decisions we are faced with for the world of tomorrow. To complete each TimeShrine, Anne incorporates organic elements and found objects on location, each carefully collected for their special meaning.


One Planet One Future exhibitions are organised around the world and are free of charge.

OPOF Florence - 2019
Palazzo Larderel - Brun Fine Art Gallery
OPOF London - 2018
Brun Fine Art Gallery
OPOF Naples - 2018
Caste dell'Ovo
OPOF Moscow - 2017
Moscow Museum of Modern Art
OPOF Milan Design Week - 2017
One Planet One Future Milan
OPOF New York - 2016
Westbeth Center for the Arts
Water at Dusk Monaco - 2016
Musée Oceanographique de Monaco