Time Shrine Foundation


With photography, film and art installations, the Time Shrine Foundation raises awareness on human-caused threats to the planet, including water scarcity, pollution and species extinction and wants to inspire change in consumer behavior in favor of the environment, of protected species and of endangered cultures.

The Foundation is funded by donations from individuals and corporations and is a 501(c)(3)public charity. Donors can deduct their contributions under IRS Section 170.

Donations are used to organize free exhibitions and to support NGOs that work in the field to protect the animals and environments featured in the artwork.

The Association One Planet One Future Italia shares and supports the activities of Anne de Carbuccia and of the Time Shrine Foundation in Italy.


The Time Shrine Foundation spreads awareness on the effects of climate breakdown through exhibitions, documentation and informed discussion. Education is key to creating a sustainable future and we proudly collaborate with educational institutions of all levels to spread our message and to promote sustainable life practices and actionable agendas.

Using Anne’s own recollections of her travels recreated through the union of photography, film and sound design, we organize group tours, workshops and events through our permanent exhibitions in Milan and New York. For more information: contact@oneplanetonefuture.org


The Time Shrine Foundation believes in building a strong community to fight climate breakdown together. The One Planet One Future spaces in NY and Milan hosts events and collaborations with like-minded brands and organizations to help promote awareness.